New feature – Live video conferencing WITHIN My Study Series!

Over the last six weeks, Education in New Zealand has faced a challenging time. Despite the struggles COVID-19 has presented, the capability of our teachers and students from a tech and remote teaching / learning perspective has improved drastically! Our latest update hopes to allow teachers and students to continually leveraging these skills to improve educational outcomes.

New platform design

Three weeks ago we set about redesigning My Study Series from the ground up. We envisaged a platform that allowed for closer engagement and learning opportunities between student and teacher without having to leave the platform. Shortly after this we introduced class group capabilities, providing a private space for every classroom on the platform to interact with one another through private messaging, email and a class wall.

These new features have been extremely well received, with a lot of positive feedback and much greater engagement on the platform. Unique visits and time spent on site are measuring at record levels currently.

Video conferencing on My Study Series

Today’s update is simple, but huge all at the same time. We have given teachers the ability to run live video conferencing from within their own class group without having to leave My Study Series. With a simple click of a button, teachers can create a private meeting room and populate it with their class to allow for enhanced teaching and learning.

We’re going to be trialing this update for a week to determine its usefulness to class groups and teachers. To learn more and enable it for your class group, check out the video below:

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