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Tahi: Kōwhai

The kōwhai is one of the best known native trees in New Zealand and it’s our unofficial national flower.

Rua: Mānuka

Despite being perhaps one of the more important native plants in New Zealand, for most of the 20th century Mānuka was viewed as a noxious weed. However, with greater research and understanding, Mānuka has had almost a complete reversal in its relationship with the New Zealand people.

1 Requirement

  1. Earn 500 Points

Toru: Pohutukawa

The blazing red flowers of pōhutukawa around Christmas time have earned this tree the title of New Zealand's Christmas tree.

1 Requirement

  1. Earn 1000 Points

Wha: Nīkau Palm

The Nīkau Palm is unique to New Zealand and it primarily occurs in coastal to lowland forest in warmer regions.

1 Requirement

  • Earn 1500 Points

Rima: Ponga (Silver Fern)

This New Zealand symbol is considered a badge of honour by the people, products and services of our country that carry it.

1 Requirement

  1. Earn 2000 Points

Ono: Kauri

Kauri are a cornerstone of the indigenous forests of the upper North Island. They are also one of the longest-living tree species in the world (reaching ages of 1000 years-plus), as well as the largest.

1 Requirement

  1. Earn 2500 Points