Classroom features on My Study Series!

Much of the work we have been performing to update our user interface over the last month has been in preparation for a range of new features on the platform. These new features are designed to allow teachers and students to work closer together on platform as opposed to relying on external services to communicate such as Google Classroom and Facebook groups.

Today we rolled out one of our biggest updates to the site and we’re excited to share this with you.

Introducing My Study Series groups

Groups are your very own private classroom space consisting of your members (students), class feed (message wall) and instant messaging. Every student who redeems a class code is automatically added to the private group for that class. These students are listed as members in this group and can engage in on site discussions on the class feed – sharing links, comments and other information. All from within a private and safe environment.

Teachers now have the capability to instant message students all at once or individually within My Study Series. These messages are received via our on site instant messaging system and also pushed to the email address students registered with. Students can respond to these messages which will send notification emails to the teacher, linking to the onsite message.

To see these features in action, please check out the following video:

With the current educational environment with many schools teaching remotely, we would love to support you and your students through NCEA. If you’d like to learn more about the platform, or simply trial My Study Series, please check out our home page by clicking here:

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