Welcome back!

Over the last two days we have given My Study Series a huge overhaul. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. We wanted to have a cleaner, easier to navigate site that allowed the best possible outcomes for students
  2. We wanted to begin the process of adding social components to the site that allowed for a little more user engagement and the potential for teachers to collaborate better.

New design

The new design has a heavy focus on distraction free learning. Lessons and quiz pages now appear in what we like to call “focus mode”, where the user can only really engage with the lesson content. This lesson page can also be toggled in and out of dark mode which can help with eye strain too.

Slide out side panel

You will also notice a slide out side panel accessible via most pages. We have currently loaded all of the gamification aspects into this panel, and will be adding more features and components to this side panel over the coming weeks.

The core of My Study Series remains the same, but our new design allows us to bring bigger and better features to My Study Series this term and beyond!

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