Level 1 Health

Below you will find access to all standards that My Study Series offers at Level 1 Health Education for NCEA. By clicking on an achievement standard, you will be presented a list of video lessons for you to observe. Each lesson is concluded with an automated, self graded quiz allowing you to check your understanding of the lesson content.
9 Lessons

HED AS90971 (1.1)

Take action to enhance an aspect of personal well-being.

8 Lessons

HED AS90972 (1.2)

Demonstrate understanding of influences on adolescent eating patterns to make health-enhancing recommendations.

7 Lessons

HED AS91097 (1.3)

Demonstrate your understanding of the ways in which well-being can change, and strategies to support well-being during these changes

9 Lessons

HED AS90973 (1.4)

Demonstrate understanding of interpersonal skills used to enhance relationships.

10 Lessons

HED AS90974 (1.5)

Demonstrate understanding of strategies for promoting positive sexuality.

9 Lessons

HED AS90975 (1.6)

Demonstrate understanding of issues to make health-enhancing decisions in drug-related situations.