Level 2 Physical Education

Below you will find access to all standards that My Study Series offers at Level 2 Physical Education for NCEA. By clicking on an achievement standard, you will be presented a list of video lessons for you to observe. Each lesson is concluded with an automated, self graded quiz allowing you to check your understanding of the lesson content.
11 Lessons

PED AS91327 (2.1)

Examine the role and significance of physical activity in the lives of young people in New Zealand.

12 Lessons

PED AS91328 (2.2)

Demonstrate understanding of how and why biophysical principles relate to the learning of physical skills.

11 Lessons

PED AS91329 (2.3)

Demonstrate understanding of the application of biophysical principles to training for physical activity.

7 Lessons

PED AS91331 (2.5)

Examine the significance for self, others and society of a sporting event, a physical activity, or a festival.

8 Lessons

PED AS91332 (2.6)

Evaluate leadership strategies that contribute to the effective functioning of a group.

8 Lessons

PED AS91333 (2.7)

Analyse the application of risk management strategies to a challenging outdoor activity.

7 Lessons

PED AS91334 (2.8)

Consistently demonstrate social responsibility through applying a social responsibility model in physical activity.

7 Lessons

PED AS91335 (2.9)

Examine the implementation and outcome(s) of a physical activity event or opportunity.

8 Lessons

PED AS91336 (2.10)

Analyse group processes in physical activity.