Class based leaderboards

Here at My Study Series we leverage many components of gamification to increase student engagement and motivation while using our platform. 

Currently we use points, leaderboards, badges, achievements and a ranking system. What is gamification I hear you say?

Gamification is the application of game mechanics in non game contexts

It is a strategy used across a range of industries and you likely encounter aspects of gamification multiple times a day. The term came about as people began to understand the power of video games and explored why people became so consumed by various games. It turns out that game developers use a variety of “mechanics” within a game to enhance player experience ensuring they keep coming back over and over to play the game. Clearly this has implications in many more contexts than just a video game!

One popular game mechanic is a leaderboard, and today we released an enhanced leaderboard feature which ranks class versus class across all of our learning areas. By clicking on our class leaderboard, you’ll see a list of searchable classes that are earning points and badges on My Study Series. You can search for your own school and class and see where you stand on the leaderboard compared to every other school using the platform. Check the image at the bottom of the post to see where to access this leaderboard.

Furthermore, we have decided to reward the top class on My Study Series with a lunch shout before seniors leave in term four, so keep an eye out for those details! Note: combined classes on the leaderboard will be ineligible for this prize.

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