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My Study Series is used each year by more than 100 schools across New Zealand, supporting teachers and students through NCEA across Physical Education, Mathematics and Health. We make it easy to “flip” your classroom or create a blended learning environment for your students.

Matt Lambert is the HOD for Physical Education and Health at Heretaunga College in Wellington. Heretaunga is a coeducational Decile 6 school where they have a roll of around 900 students. Around 20% of these students are Maori and another 5-6% are Pasifika. In today’s case study, we hear about how he uses My Study Series with his department to increase student outcomes and provide more authentic and meaningful learning opportunities.

Challenges faced before using My Study Series

Although they had been flipping for a while already, Matt describes time being a huge challenge when it comes to creating content. For those unfamiliar with a flipped approach, it can be daunting and time consuming when it comes to creating high quality video content. With anywhere from 8 – 15 videos (including quizzes) for an Achievement Standard, My Study Series removes a huge barrier that many teachers interested in flipping can face. Student access to this content allows you to prioritise the most important components of the classroom, interacting and engaging with your students in meaningful ways, and repurposing your classroom time to create learning experiences that focus on higher order thinking tasks!

How have student outcomes improved after using My Study Series?

Matt’s students can access the content from anywhere at any time! We know Physical Education students play sport and often compete and travel a lot. The ability to access targeted video content wherever they find themselves allows them to remain on track and in touch with any key learning that is taking place.

Videos are available anytime. Matt touches on this when he mentions how students will often watch videos 2-3 times as they build knowledge and understanding of some of the key biophysical concepts in our learning area. This opportunity for repetition will often result in greater retention and application. Standards that are linked (e.g. 1.2, 2.2, 3.2) are also available as revision lessons. A Level 3 student who wants to refresh themselves on Level 1 content can access that as well.

What impact has My Study Series had on the way you teach?

My Study Series and flipping in general has changed Matt’s pedagogy completely. While teachers at Heretaunga don’t tend to flip in the traditional sense, they have created real success “in-class” flipping with their students. Matt describes getting around his students more, building stronger relationships and being more efficient with the use of his time.

Matt is also seeing greater success in the group space. Students have already consumed and digested the required content, allowing him to become more imaginative when creating lesson content. He can easily differentiate for the entire class because he has the data (from My Study Series quiz results) and time to allow for more engaging learning tasks that are more likely to stick.

If you haven’t tried My Study Series yet, please sign up for a trial by clicking on the button below. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to consider My Study Series for your 2020 programme.

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