WSQ Sheets for consuming content

For flipped learning to be successful, I have found that you need to teach your students how to watch the videos you provide. Our kids operate in high distraction environments. They like to “multitask” and think they can do this successfully. By having them minimise these distractions, and show them why they should be pausing the video and replaying where necessary, and providing them with a good note taking process, you’re setting them up for success in a flipped learning environment.

We’ve created our very one editable WSQ PDF that you can download and use with your students.

WSQ Sheets

My tool of choice here is a WSQ sheet. WSQ stands for: Watch, Summarise and Question. This method was developed by a Mathematics teacher named Crystal Kirch and is an excellent way to ensure students are engaging with your flipped content.

Watch: When you understand how to watch the videos with intention and focus, you are putting yourself in the best possible position to digest the content.

Summarise. Pause the video and summarise key concepts as you go. This ensures you begin to digest key content and concepts and can begin crafting your ​question.

The most important part of WSQ, is Question! You need to develop a question based on the video content. This can be something you didn’t understand, a new term, or simply seeking out clarification on a concept that is new to you. This  question can be used in group discussions and allows you to take accountability for your learning by demonstrating curiosity and a passion for education. 

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