Science 3 day trial

3 day trial!

Sign up to trial My Study Series Science for 3 days and check out some of the following features:

Engaging video content

High quality video content exploring AS91524, to develop an understanding of mechanical systems.

Automated self grading quizzes

Check students understanding with automated self grading quizzes after every video. More than 6 question types used!

Authentic gamification

See our unique approach to gamification in action, with points, badges, ranking system and leaderboards available in the trial.


No. This trial only opens up PE Achievement Standard 91331. It allows you to see all features that a student would see when using the platform: Videos, automated quizzing and aspects of gamification.

After three days your access will be revoked and you will no longer be able to watch any of our content.

Please visit our main sales page: Here you will find information regarding pricing, 

At this point in time, no. However, we will continue to revisit this as an option in the near future.