Leveraging a flipped approach with your class

My Study Series was born out of a flipped and blended approach to teaching; and the power those pedagogical approaches can provide for teachers. Embracing this approach allows teachers to repurpose their classroom space, and for students to be more engaged in the learning process with a focus on higher order thinking tasks such as creating, evaluating, analysing and applying (upper end of Bloom’s taxonomy).

Having a grasp of what flipped or blended learning is, how it can help you, and how you can go about leveraging it successfully, can support you on My Study Series to achieve better outcomes for your learners.

My Study Series sponsors the Augmented Learning Podcast, which is hosted by myself and Celia Fleck and is focused sharing stories from outstanding leaders, educators and influencers from New Zealand and around the world. We hear about the challenges and successes they are having while they attempt to challenge the status quo.

Recently we’ve had a few guests on the podcast talking about flipped learning! On episode 62 we had Lis Wilson. Lis teaches at the Western Academy of Beijing, but is currently back in New Zealand after getting stuck here once the world went into lock down! She has significant experience using a flipped approach with her mathematics classes, and is currently involved in researching this pedagogical approach – currently writing up her thesis!

We talk a lot about how flipped learning is misunderstood, why this approach works so well in mathematics, some of the challenges teachers might face with a flipped approach, and evidence supporting a flipped approach in the classroom.

I highly recommend you have a listen to this episode, which you can access via Apple Podcasts, or on Spotify. Alternatively listen to the episode embedded below!

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