Level 3 Maths new

Below you will find access to all standards that My Study Series offers at Level 3 Mathematics and Statistics for NCEA. By clicking on an achievement standard, you will be presented a list of video lessons for you to observe. Each lesson is concluded with an automated, self graded quiz allowing you to check your understanding of the lesson content.

6 Lessons

MATH AS91573 (3.1)

Apply the geometry of conic sections in solving problems.

6 Lessons

MATH AS91574 (3.2)

Apply linear programming methods in solving problems.

11 Lessons

MATH AS91575 (3.3)

Apply trigonometric methods in solving problems.

5 Lessons

MATH AS91576 (3.4)

Use critical path analysis in solving problems.

12 Lessons

MATH AS91577 (3.5)

Apply the algebra of complex numbers in solving problems.

12 Lessons

MATH AS91578 (3.6)

Apply differentiation methods in solving problems.

10 Lessons

MATH AS91579 (3.7)

Apply integration methods in solving problems.

4 Lessons

MATH AS91587 (3.15)

Apply systems of simultaneous equations in solving problems.