Accessing and using the notes function

One of the key features on My Study Series is the note taking feature. This allows students to take notes while watching our videos and is extremely helpful when using a WSQ approach with our content. 

The application sits on top of the page, allowing easy access mid video to highlight and record key concepts, new ideas, and anything else of value or interest to the learner.

Accessing your notes.

By hitting the save button after taking a note, your notes are then collated on your very own notes page which can then be accessed at any point in the future. By clicking “View all notes“, you’ll be taken to your personalised notes page where all your previous notes are stored for retrieval to view or print. This is great in the build up to an assessment or exam where a student needs to quickly access any notes that have been taken in the past. These notes are also downloadable as a word document to be saved locally or shared and can even be printed from the application itself. See the video outlining how to access saved notes below:

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