Using data to shape My Study Series

My Study Series is an organic platform where user data and feedback plays a big role in the development and improvement of the content we offer.

Unlike text booked based learning resources, we are able to modify and edit our content almost instantly. Because of this it is important we provide the opportunity for users to send immediate and explicit feedback. We do this through a unique feedback tool, leveraging emojis combined with comment forms to send instant feedback on every single lesson.

The following video highlights this system in action and describes why it is important to take a few seconds to review every lesson you watch (whether you’re a teacher or a student!). So check it out, then make sure you start rating our lessons!

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Carl Condliffe is the Director of My Study Series. He is currently employed at Rongotai College and has been a Head of Department for 11 years.Carl is a big proponent of the flipped classroom and has travelled the world speaking about this concept at a range of conferences. More recently he was named as a FLGl 100, one of the top one hundred educators leading flipped learning worldwide.

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My Study Series is an online learning platform supporting Kiwi teachers and students through NCEA. We provide access to hundreds of videos lessons paired with automated, self grading quizzes.

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